Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s popular computer operating system. It has been completely redesigned to make everyday computer tasks simple, and allow users to connect with their information and people from multiple Windows 10 devices.

  Windows 10 allows you to access and share your information in new ways when you learn the new features from Professor Teaches. This comprehensive training tutorial with over 60 lessons will show you how to navigate Windows 10, including:

  • Using the Start Menu
  • How to access Action Center notifications
  • Using Universal Apps
  • Controls for minimizing, maximizing, and closing apps

Learn to use the new operating system quickly and effectively with hands-on, interactive training, not with how-to books or manuals. Find out how to take advantage of the new features with Professor Teaches Windows 10, including How to use the personal assistant Cortana, Navigate Edge, the new world of internet browsing, use virtual desktops, and more.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to perform basic work-related tasks on a PC running the Windows 10 operating system.
You will:
•     Access Windows 10.
•     Use Windows Apps and Desktop Applications.
•     Work with files and folders.
•     Access the Internet with Microsoft Edge.
•     Customize the Windows 10 environment.
•     Install and remove printers and peripheral devices.
•     Use Windows 10 security features.

Target Student
This course is designed for end users who are familiar with computers and who need to use the features and functionality of the Windows 10 operating system for personal and/or professional reasons.

This course is intended for computer users who want to use the basic tools and features of Windows 10. Previous exposure to personal computers, desktop applications and the Internet is needed.



Chapter 1: Getting Started
• What is Windows 10?
• Starting Windows 10
• Understanding Account Types
• Logging in to Windows 10
• Exploring the Start Menu and Live Tiles
• Adding and Changing User Accounts
• Introduction to Apps
• Getting to Know the Windows Store
• Getting Help
• Shutting Down your Computer

Chapter 2: Using the Desktop
• Getting to Know the Desktop
• Exploring the Taskbar
• Managing Multiple Windows
• Using Task View
• Customizing the Taskbar
• Creating Shortcuts
• Using Touch Devices
• Understanding Gestures

Chapter 3: Working with File Explorer
• Introduction to File Explorer
• Viewing Folders
• Opening Files and Folders
• Exploring the Computer’s Contents
• Searching for Files and Folders
• Creating and Renaming Folders
• Selecting Files and Folders
• Moving, Copying, and Deleting Files
• Using the Recycle Bin

Chapter 4: The Cloud & System Settings
• What is the Cloud?
• Understanding OneDrive
• Exploring the Control Panel
• Changing the Monitor Resolution
• Updating Windows 10
• Introduction to Windows Security
• Managing Firewall Settings
• Using Windows Defender

Chapter 5: Personalizing Windows 10 
• Personalizing the Start Menu
• Removing Tiles from the Start Menu
• Resizing and Moving Tiles
• Customizing Your Settings
• Personalizing User Accounts
• Changing Your Computer’s Theme
• Modifying Folder Options Chapter

Chapter 6: Working with Applications & Accessories
• Getting to Know the Calendar App
• E-mailing with Windows 10
• Using Cortana
• Introduction to Windows Media Programs
• Using the Pictures Library
• Using the Movies & TV App
 Windows Media Player
• Burning Files to CD and DVD
• Installing Additional Software

Chapter 7: Exploring Print Features 
• Printing with Windows 10
• Adding a Printer
• Working with the Print Dialog
• Working with the Print Queue
• Troubleshooting Printer Problems
• Installing Fonts

Chapter 8: Browsing the Internet
• What is the Internet?
• What is the World Wide Web
• Setting up an Internet Connection
• Introduction to Internet Explorer
• Using Microsoft Edge