These 8 week courses will provide candidates with as much knowledge of Bricklaying as is possible. Any candidate completing this course will find themselves entirely ready for building site employment, supported with a City & Guilds qualification and a route to NVQ level 2. This is a very comprehensive course which will leave you a confident and competent Bricklayer. This route can also generate a CSCS card for you (once you sit a CSCS test) which is now a requirement on any UK building site. Weekend training is also available to complete this course.

What You’ll Learn

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to access the Bricklaying industry and give you the opportunity to work towards achieving NVQ level 2. Once you have completed your 8 weeks of intensive, hands on bricklaying training, you will then be industry ready which is where you need to be in order to achieve the Bricklaying NVQ.

Throughout the entire 8 weeks, you will be trained and assessed to achieve a C&G qualification as well as receive training which reflects ‘reality’ and also provides you with a comprehensive understanding of what you will need to do to eventually achieve the NVQ level 2.

You will be trained and assessed across the following areas:

  • Health and Safety in construction
  • Constructing half brick corner
  • Constructing cavity walls in brick and block
  • Constructing 1 brick walling (English bond)
  • Half brick wall with basket weave feature
  • Attached and detached piers
  • Raking and cutting to a timber frame building
  • Cavity wall with window opening
  • Plinth brickwork
  • Two rough ring circular arch OR decorative panel feature work

The training detailed above will ensure that once you are undertaking carpentry work, you will be able to meet the requirements of NVQ assessments as follows:

  • QCF40v2: Erecting Masonry Structures in the Workplace
  • QCF41v2: Setting Out Masonry Structures in the Workplace
  • QCF641: Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace
  • QCF642: Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace
  • QCF643: Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace

Supported by ONE optional unit from:

  • QCF42v2:   Erecting Masonry Cladding in the workplace
  • QCF44v2:   Erecting thin joint masonry structures in the workplace
  • QCF45v3:   Placing and Finishing Non-Specialist Concrete in the Workplace
  • QCF47v2:   Maintaining Slate and Tile Roofing in the Workplace
  • QCF50v2:   Repairing and Maintaining Masonry Structures in the Workplace
  • QCF639v2: Installing Drainage in the Workplace

How You’ll Learn

This is a fantastic access to work experience as it prepares and qualifies you for the Bricklaying industry. As well as practical training and assessment, we will also ensure you have a full understanding of NVQ portfolio building and evidence gathering. Some examples of what you can expect to receive training in are:

  • Interpreting information
  • Adopting safe and healthy working practices
  • Selecting materials, components and equipment
  • Preparing and erecting brickwork and blockwork and/or vernacular style structures
  • Setting out masonry structures in the workplace
  • Setting out brickwork and blockwork and/or vernacular style structures on level ground

Once you have completed the 8 weeks, we have no doubt that your skill level will enable you to find work within the Bricklaying industry and immediately start to gather the evidence which will eventually award you your NVQ.

Our training has been developed to help you fully understand how to gather work based evidence, how to enlist the help of an onsite recorder, how to record photographic evidence and so on.

The whole point of this 8 week bricklaying course is to provide you with an underpinning City & Guilds qualification and a very in depth understanding of what is required to gain an NVQ. This combination of training gives you a great opportunity to secure work and achieve additional qualifications.

Courses Open To You After

The next step for you is to be assessed in the work-place to have your progress monitored and recorded in order to be certificated for the NVQ level 2.

Additional Info

NVQs are ‘Declarations of Competence’ and as such, cannot be achieved in a simulated environment like a training centre – all we can do here is prepare you for the process and we do this very well.

At the end of the course, Able Skills will register you with CITB (NOCN) to show that you are working towards achieving NVQ level 2 in Trowel Occupations and we will provide you with a start-up portfolio which will include all of the evidence and assessment sheets ready for you to use as and when you gather your work based evidence.

By registering you for NVQ, you can also gain access to a CSCS Experienced Worker or Trainee card (if you arrange independently to sit a CSCS test) – this will further enhance your access to work.

Once you are ready to arrange work based assessments, additional fees will be payable.

Duration & Cost