This assessment route is designed solely for those experienced persons who are or have been working in the electrotechnical industry as a practicing electrician for a minimum of 5 years and who can demonstrate their technical nowledge, performance, and competence to the industry standards at Level 3.

What You’ll Learn

The C&G 2356-99 is an NVQ route suitable to those of you who hold:

  • C&G ‘A’ certificate
  • C&G ‘A’ certificate plus ‘B’ certificate
  • C&G 2360 Part 1
  • C&G 2360 Part 1 plus 2360 Part 2
  • C&G 2351 L3
  • C&G 2330 L2
  • C&G 2330 L2 plus C&G 2330 L3
  • Other UK based qualifications (such as BTEC, NC/HNC etc.)

The NVQ is achieved via work/site based assessment and portfolio building and AM2. Full support and guidance from an Able Skills NVQ Assessor will be provided and readily available throughout. NVQ Level 3 is a requirement for those looking to achieve JIB Gold Card status.

The NVQ level 3 is not a training course; it is an assessment of your competence and is mandatory for those of you who require JIB Gold Card status. The NVQ is relatively easy to achieve as long as you are working within the electrical industry and have access to the right kind of work. Achievement of the C&G NVQ Level 3 in full is based upon existing qualifications, site/work based assessments of competence and AM2.

How You’ll Learn

The first step is to provide us with details of any qualifications you have and also detailed documentation to confirm your (minimum) 5 years experience – “Candidates must be able to provide sufficient valid and authentic evidence from site of their previous work to demonstrate that they can fully meet the performance requirements within each unit of this qualification”. We will provide you with a profiling pack to help you gather the evidence required.

Once you are accepted on to the programme, you will undertake a profiling session with an Electrical NVQ Assessor where the processes for achieving an NVQ will be explained. You will then be assessed at your workplace where Able Skills Assessors will gather documentary evidence of your competence with regards to various different aspects of an Electrical installation.

To achieve the NVQ (C&G 2356-99) in full, you will also need to undertake AM2.

Courses Open To You After

If you don’t have any Inspection and Testing qualifications, Able Skills has a combined C&G 2394/2395 course available – this will be a JIB requirement if you want to achieve an ‘Approved’ status. In addition, you may want to consider the level 4 Award in the Design and Verification of Electrical Installations (C&G 2396).

Additional Info

The candidate will also be expected to demonstrate acceptable knowledge of the current industry requirements with respect to the IET Wiring Regulations and Inspection & Testing. As part of the programme of assessment to achieve this qualification it may be considered necessary for the candidate to take a CPD qualification such as the C&G 2382 (17th Edition) or C&G 2394/2395.

If you do not meet the requirements for this route to NVQ (2356-99) because you do not hold any underpinning qualifications, you may need to consider undertaking C&G 2365 at level 3 – having this qualification will ensure your eligibility for NVQ via the 2357-44 route. The 23665 level 3 can be completed with Able Skills either on a full or part time basis (weekends) or via Home Study.

Able Skills NVQ Assessors are restricted to work based assessments that are within 100 mile radius of Able Skills (Postcode: DA1 5BS)

Duration & Cost