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The current market for SCADA software is very diverse. There is no market level pricing for this product. The licensing approaches are varied and in most cases very confusing. The variety of licensing approaches makes a side by side price comparison difficult at the very least. The bundling of features is also varied. Unbundling the products’ components are often just not offered. Some software providers can also provide integration services while other suppliers do not and rely upon 3rd party integrators.

GlobaLogix, Inc. has conducted software evaluation studies for our clients to assist them in the selection of SCADA software. We can provide specific details about past studies. However, the work product for these studies belongs to our clients who commissioned our work and were considered confidential material. We can, however, discuss our work process and approach for these evaluations.

Most software companies will list “Oil and Gas” as a market segment, but their familiarity with the industry is weak or non-existent. All of these reasons make an in-house competitive market analysis for SCADA software very challenging and time-consuming. For these reasons and more, clients come to us for these performance evaluation studies.

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